***ATTENTION: NO APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED. We have instituted a NO VISTOR POLICY unless a minor with guardian getting his or her Driver’s License or ID; the Elderly or Disabled who require assistance; or required witnesses to the transaction. You WILL BE REQUIRED to have your TEMP taken before entrance and will be given a mask to enter our facilities if you do not have one (No exceptions). Thank you for understanding and helping us to protect our employees, customers, and families.***

Phone: 504-364-0725

ABC Title Operations During the COVID-19 Outbreak

We are discontinuing curbside services and appointments and resuming Scaryfast (indoor) walk-up services on Monday May 18th, ALL previously suspended services will be restored and we will be FULLY operational, but we will operate under the following guidelines:

  1. Maintain 6 feet of social distancing between employee and customer at all times
  2. Employees will wear gloves and masks
  3. All customers will be required to wear masks inside the building and to sanitize prior to beginning the process. (Bring your mask or we can provide one at the door for $3.00)
  4. Anything the customer touches must be sanitized between customers; pens, pads, credit card machines etc
  5. Only parties to the transaction or witnesses (if applicable) will be allowed in the build.  No children will be allowed unless they are obtaining a service.
  6. We can only allow 25% of normal occupancy, therefore we will prescreen customers prior to allowing entrance into the building.

Please be patient with us as we reopen under Phase One Re-Opening Guidelines.