ABC Title Express DMV Practices the Best Social Distancing

Social Distancing Graphic

ABC Title Express DMV Practicing Social Distancing. Currently, many of the OMV locations are open by appointment only running up to 4 days out. They are also having to close regularly for up to 10 days at a time due to Covid Exposure.

We do not require appointments at any of our locations and our average wait times are under 7 minutes. The reason we have not had to close throughout the pandemic can be attributed to our Covid Protocols – we aren’t taking chances.

As we continually learn more about coronavirus and COVID-19, it can help to reacquaint yourself with some basic information. For example, understanding how the virus spreads reinforces the importance of social distancing and other health-promoting behaviors. Knowing how long the virus survives on surfaces can guide how you clean your home and handle deliveries. And reviewing the common symptoms of COVID-19 can help you know if it’s time to self-isolate.

ABC Title Express DMV Practicing Social Distancing – Only the BEST for our customers! Stay Safe!