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Have you found a buyer for your car, but you can't find the Title? Trying to get a Title Loan, but can remember where you placed it? Or, maybe you were recently married and would like to change your name on your vehicle Title and Registration. ABC Title can help!


  1. Duplicate Titles
  2. Expedited Duplicate Titles
  3. Name Changes
  4. Reconstructed / Salvaged Titles
  5. Release / Record Liens
  6. Notarize Title only (for sellers transferring their car to a buyer in a another state)
  7. Title Corrections (some limitation may apply)
  8. Salvage Retention



1) Duplicate Titles

If you have misplaced your Title, don’t worry because ABC Title can assist you in obtaining a duplicate. Simply come in with your VIN number, Driver’s License, and lien release (if applicable) and we can have a duplicate mailed to you in three to five business days.

2) Expedited Duplicate Titles

Do you need a duplicate Title faster than three to five business days? For an additional fee, ABC Title can RUSH your Title which will print in our office the following business morning (Not even the Office of Motor Vehicles has this capability!) How is that for Scaryfast?

3) Name Changes

Have you recently married or divorced? Do you want to change your name on your Title and Vehicle Registration? If your car is paid off, we can help! Bring your Original Title, proof of insurance, your Driver’s License, and a copy of your Marriage Certificate or Judgment of Divorce and we will get you updated in under 30 minutes.

4) Reconstructed / Salvaged Titles

Did you buy your vehicle back from your insurance company after it was declared a “Total Loss”? ABC Title of Uptown can assist you in applying for a “Reconstructed Title” and issuing your new plate. Generally, you will need the Title, Physical Inspection, receipts for repairs (if available), and proof of insurance. We will prepare the rest of the documents required and get your vehicle legal and back on the road in no time.

5) Release / Record Liens

Have you recently paid off your vehicle? We can assist you in removing the Lienholder from the face of the Title, making it easier to sell later (and easier to order a duplicate if it is ever misplaced). We can also assist you in recording a lien on a vehicle when it is being used as collateral for a loan. Simply bring the Original Title with Lien Release or Security Instrument and photo ID.

6) Notarize Title only

Are you selling or donating car to someone in another state, or to someone who wants to handle their own registration at the Louisiana DMV?  Let us protect you.  We can prepare and notarize the appropriate documents, cancel your plate, and notify the state of the sale.  This protects you from liability and potential flags.  The best part is that this is traditionally paid for by the buyer/donee.

7) Title Corrections

ABC Title can assist in title corrections such as odometer errors, name misspellings, and color changes.  If you were recently married or divorced and you are not financing your vehicle, we can also change your name on the title and registration to reflect your current legal name.  Simply bring the original title and supporting legal documents and we will be happy to assist you.

8) Salvage Retention

If your vehicle is considered a total loss after being involved in an accident and subsequent insurance claim, you must apply for a salvaged and reconstructed title and get a new license plate.  ABC Title can get you road ready and will walk you through the process.  You will need a physical inspection done by a licensed state police officer and other documents depending upon the nature of the repairs. We are here to guide you through the policies on Rebuilt Salvaged Vehicles and Salvage Retention.  Contact one of our friendly representatives for assistance.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept cash, debit, and all major credit cards (including AMEX). Note there is an additional 3% fee for credit card payments. We do not accept personal checks.

Q. Where can I get a Lien Release for my vehicle loan?

A. You must contact the Lender who financed your vehicle and have them fax it to our office (504-302-1599). If your Lender demands a request in writing, we can help! Click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

Q. If my vehicle is "Co-Owned", must the other owner co-apply for a duplicate?

A. Yes, if there are two owners listed on a vehicle, then both must sign a duplicate Title affidavit before a Notary. (Ask an ABC Agent about other options if a Co-Owner is unable to physically appear to apply).

Q. I am paying notes on my vehicle and was recently married or divorced. Can I change my name on the Title?

A. Only if your Lender is willing to cooperate by releasing the Original Title for correction.

Q. Where can I get a "Physical Inspection" for my vehicle?

A. In Metairie, you can visit the State Police in the DMV Building at 100 Veterans. You can also call the Louisiana State Police for an additional list of locations.

Q. If the "Titled Owner" of a vehicle is deceased, can I order a duplicate Title so the vehicle can be sold?

A. A Duplicate Title cannot be ordered if the Owner is deceased. Contact ABC Title of Metairie for additional information if you are an “Heir”.

Q. Can I transfer a vehicle without the Title?

A. Generally not. A Duplicate Title must be ordered prior to completing a Sale or Donation.