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Phone: 504-364-0725

Apply for a Metairie Curbside Driver's License here at ABC Title

Here is what you can expect when processing your Duplicate License or ID Card or your change of address:
Please note: Do not arrive late for your appointment or we may have to reschedule.  
1) At the time your appointment is set, a cursory check on your status will be performed ensuring there are no outstanding blocks or flags.  You will be required to provide your social and date of birth over the phone.
(Some out of state blocks cannot help checked in advance, but these are rare).
2) At your appointment time, please pull up to the cones outside and you will be “checked-in” and given instructions to park. (Do not exit your car until instructed).
Your picture will be taken from a camera phone and sent to the person processing your app for identify verification.  You will also be asked to provide your proof of residency for changing address to your greeter to photograph.
3) The person processing your application will call you on your cell phone and take your application verbally.   Then he or she will instruct you to come to the door where you will wait to be called in.  You will be given instructions to stand on the “blue line” outside the door.
4) You will be summoned inside one person at a time. Once inside, your license picture will be taken and your signature and payment will be collected.  (For your protection and ours, we prefer that you wear a mask and gloves) – we can provide a single glove when it comes time to sign your application.
5) You will be asked to return outside and to stand on a blue “X” and your license will be passed to you through a mail slot.