*** ATTENTION: Effective Monday, May 18th all locations will discontinue curbside service. ALL pre-COVID 19 services will be available including the Real ID and we will resume normal business hours. We are limiting the number of people inside of our offices to only those necessary to the transaction and all customers will be required to wear masks. (We have masks available at the door for $3.00). Thank you for your patience and patronage.  ***

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What To Know About The Real ID Act

After almost 15 years, the Real ID Act will finally be fully implemented in the United States by Oct. 1 2020. Passed by Congress in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Real ID Act was established to set stricter security standards for state-issued driver’s license and ID cards. It also prevents federal officials from …

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My License Renewed

FAQ: I just got my license renewed. How long will it be valid? #Answer: Great question! Driver’s licenses are valid for 6 years, while Louisiana State IDs are valid for four years. Once you come to renew your license, you won’t have to worry about it for a while. Whew!

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My Handicapped Hang

Did You Know that if you have a handicap hangtag for a “temporary” disability, that it’s valid for one year! If you have a “permanent” disability, your tag is valid for four years.

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Abc Title Notary

If you’re getting a document notarized, Monday through Friday you don’t need to worry about bringing witnesses! We can provide two witnesses for your notarization.

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Need Help Applying for a “Reconstructed Title”?

If you bought your car back from the insurance company after it was labeled a “Total Loss”, we can help you apply for a Reconstructed Title! We can also help you get a new plate. Just bring your title, get a physical inspection, any receipts from repairs, and proof of insurance. We can help you …

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