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1) Active Duty
2) Veterans
3) Other Military License Plates

The State of Louisiana offers Active Duty Military Personnel and Veterans several special services.  Below is a list of these services that your local ABC Title is authorized to provide.
ABC Title charges additional fees to provide Private DMV services.  We provide a 25% military discount off all of our additional fees.


1) Active Duty
If you are Active Duty, there are a couple of things that ABC Title can do to assist with your Department of Motor Vehicle needs. You are eligible for a "Tax Break" when moving to Louisiana, provided you have paid sales tax on your vehicle in the previous state. Additionally, there are Active Duty License Plates available for most Branches of Military.
• Road Use Tax Free transactions on State-to-State transfers for Active Duty Military - Click Here for Requirements
• Active Duty License Plates for all Branches - Click Here for Requirements

2) Veteran
Veterans are allowed "Special Designations" by the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles. ABC Title can provide these same services easily and without the wait. Veteran License Plates for your vehicles, indicators on your Driver’s License, and additional services for Disabled Veterans. Here are all of the things with which ABC Title can assist our Veterans.
• Veteran Indicator on Driver’s License - Click Here for Requirements
• Veteran and Retired Veteran License Plates for all Branches for both Automobiles and Motorcycles - Click Here for Requirements
• Disabled Veteran License Plates - Click Here for Requirements
• Mobility Impaired Hang-Tag for a Veteran who has a 50% or more "Service-Connected" disability - Click Here for Requirements
• Disabled Veteran Free Driver License (Subject to PTA Fee) - Click Here for Requirements

3) Other Military License Plates
• U.S. Reserve Forces License Plates - Click Here for Requirements
• Retired Reserve Forces License Plates - Click Here for Requirements
• Afghanistan Campaign Veteran - Click Here for Requirements
• Iraq Campaign Veteran - Click Here for Requirements
• Korean War Veteran - Click Here for Requirements
• Vietnam Veteran - Click Here for Requirements
• Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm - Click Here for Requirements
• Gold Star - Click Here for Requirements
• Washington Artillery - Click Here for Requirements
• U.S. Army Airborne - Click Here for Requirements
• Purple Heart Recipient - Click Here for Requirements
• Support Our Troops - Click Here for Requirements

Q. Do you offer Veteran’s discounts?

A. Yes, at ABC Title, we support our troops! Simply provide proof that you are a Veteran and you are eligible for 25% off ABC Title’s service fee. (Discount does not apply to fees payable to the State of Louisiana).

Q. If I am Active Duty, am I exempt from paying my sales tax on my vehicle in Louisiana?
A. You are exempt from “use” tax only, provided you can prove that you paid sales tax on the vehicle in another state prior to registering your vehicle in Louisiana. Unfortunately, you are not exempt from any initial purchase sales tax.
Q. What documents must I bring with me?
A. This varies on which service you are seeking. Any Disabled Veteran benefits related to the Office of Motor Vehicles requires your letter from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs reflecting at least a 50% disability. General Veteran’s services typically require your DD214 or other acceptable proof. There is a link following each product above that outlines the individual requirements for each.


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