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ABC TITLE OF METAIRIE - Reinstatement Services

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**Reinstatement services currently close at 3:00pm Mon-Fri and are unavailable on Saturday**

1) Reinstatements

Is your Registration or Driver’s License blocked due to a “No Insurance Flag?” Consult with a Reinstatement Agent at your local ABC Title for assistance. NOTE: WE CANNOT CLEAR FLAGS RELATED TO TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS, TAX LIENS, OR DWI's

Driver’s License Status Inquiry

• We are conveniently located in Metairie on Veterans between David Drive and Lafreniere Park, across Vets from Office Depot and Baby's R Us.

1) Reinstatements

We can collect the fines, clear your license and restore your status without the headache. In some cases, we can walk you through collecting the proper documents to reduce or eliminate the fine completely! We will also instruct you on how to avoid flags to begin with. These transactions are too complex to troubleshoot over the phone. Please visit a local ABC Title in person for assistance.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept cash, debit, and all major credit cards (including AMEX). Note there is an additional 3% fee for credit card payments. We do not accept personal checks.

Q. What triggers a "NI" (No Insurance) Flag? And what do the flags affect?

A. Flags hit every time your insurance lapses or cancels, and you haven’t returned your License Plate or placed it on hold. This sometimes happens in error, particularly when you switch insurance companies. The block hits your Driver’s License and the Vehicle Registration. To read more about it click here.

Q. I have "No Insurance" Flags on my License, but I have NEVER had a lapse? What should I do?

A. Come and consult with one of our Reinstatement Agents. There are several scenarios that will leave you with an unwarranted flag. In many cases, we can talk you through gathering compliance documents to have your record cleared without paying the fines that were assessed in error.

Q. I have Blocks/Flags on my License from traffic tickets, can ABC help me?

A. Not at this time. We can only clear flags related to insurance lapses or cancellations. However, we can often point you in the right direction and avoid a trip to the DMV.

Q. I need to renew my Driver’s License, but I cannot afford to clear my flags. Does the State accept installment payments?

A. Unfortunately not. However, ABC Title can issue a State I.D. to get you by until your flags can be cleared.


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