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ABC TITLE OF UPTOWN - Louisiana State I.D.

The RealID is not required until October 2020 for more information click here.
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1) Louisiana State I.D. Renewal
2) Duplicate Louisiana State I.D.
3) Change of Address on Louisiana State I.D.
4) Issuance of New Louisiana State I.D. (For LA Licensed Drivers)
5) Blood Type Indicator

In addition to Driver’s Licenses, ABC Title can issue a State I.D. including first time issuance provided you have had a Louisiana Driver’s License.


1) Louisiana State I.D. Renewal
When your Louisiana State I.D. expires, there is no quicker or easier way to renew than visiting ABC Title of Uptown. Come ready to take a new picture. Most people are finished with their renewed I.D. in hand in under 15 minutes... Scaryfast!

2)  Duplicate Louisiana State I.D.
Lost your Louisiana State I.D.?  Don't worry, at ABC Title of Uptown we can print a duplicate Louisiana State I.D. in minutes instead of hours. Be ready to take another picture.

3) Change of Address
Did you recently move? ABC Title of Uptown can update the address on your Louisiana State I.D. in just a few minutes. Get ready to smile for your new picture. *EFFECTIVE AUGUST 17th ALL CHANGES OF ADDRESS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ONE PROOF OF RESIDENCY. FOR A LIST OF ACCEPTABLE PROOFS CLICK HERE.

4) Issuance of New Louisiana State I.D.

Do you need a secondary I.D.? Do you have a block/flag or suspension and need a form of I.D. while you work on clearing your record? Provided you have a Louisiana Driver’s License on record, we can issue a first time Louisiana State I.D. in just minutes.

5) Blood Type Indicator

Ask us about adding your blood type to your driver's license. This is a way to get some extra peace of mind for you or your minor children who drive and there is no additional fee if you are adding it in conjunction with another Driver's License transaction. In the event of an emergency, medical provider's can act fast. This also compliments the Organ Donor indicator and the emergency contact information.


Q. When will I need the RealID to fly?
A. You will not need the RealID until the year 2020.  We hope to be able to provide this service by then.  For more information click here.

Q. I have a flag blocking my Driver’s License, can ABC Title of Uptown issue a Louisiana State I.D. while I work on clearing my flags?
A. ABC Title of Uptown can issue a Louisiana State I.D. provided you have had one in the past or already have a Louisiana Driver’s License.
Q.  I recently married/divorced, can I change my name on my Driver’s License at ABC Title of Uptown?
A.  Unfortunately, this is not a service that Public Tag Agencies can provide.  This service is a service that we may be able to provide in the future.
Q. I am new to the State, can I get my Louisiana State I.D. at ABC Title of Uptown?
A. Unfortunately, you must visit your local DMV for the initial issuance. Public Tag Agents like ABC Title of Uptown can help you with renewals, changes of address, and duplicates. For a list of DMV Locations, click here.
Q.  Does ABC Title of Uptown charge any more than the DMV for a Louisiana State I.D.?
A.  We are permitted to charge an $18.00 Convenience Fee a bit more than the DMV.  How much is your time worth?  By using us, you can avoid hours of sitting and waiting.
Q.  Can you use my old Louisiana State I.D. photo?
A.  In order to maintain updated records, the State requires a new photo with every renewal, change, or duplicate.
Q.  How many years is my renewal valid?
A.  Although Driver’s Licenses have been extended to 6 years, a Louisiana State I.D. is still 4 years.



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